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When did weather become pathological?

When did weather become pathological? This seemingly trivial question, but instead very interesting, I caught in a retweet of Roger Pielke Sr:

If the source is that fabius maximus, blogger columnist at 360 degrees that often in the climate debate.

First of all, what do you mean by pathological time? Let’s take an example in our own small way. After a couple of good weeks of time absolutely stable and consequent ‘ dead calm ‘ on our country, arrived Sunday on the first thrust of the cold season. Nothing that truly, a beautiful descent of polar air, who promptly received a name, Attila, for those who like such things: rapid fall in atmospheric pressure, storm winds and libeccio maestrale then, swooping and temperatures first dusted with snow even in the Apennines. The acute phase has passed central regions in the night between Saturday and Sunday. The next morning, I turned the comments: rained down a crazy, absurd, wind never seen etc etc. Moreover, soon after, ought to have arrived, the ‘ cold ‘, ‘ cold ‘ air … it should open the doors of the winter, after a long, long season between the equinoxes (that lasts six months from always) that was hot but cooled by water bombs, respecting, of course, of the disease.

The wind crazy, absurd, never seen, arrived between the late evening and overnight. The Fiumicino Airport stations on the coast, and Ciampino, just inland South of Rome, for 2/3 hours respectively gentle breeze at about 50 km/H with gusts to 80 Mph the first and about 40 km/H with gusts to 60 Mph. The libeccio, which comes from the sea, has clearly slowed by friction. A strong wind, of course, but really no big deal. Yet the perception was unanimous, absolutely. And so it is with any rain that arrives every day, hot or cold, to every whim of the time.

In a large scale, i.e. out of our garden, it is that things will go better. We spent all last year waiting for an El Niño ‘ monstrous ‘, which went off before exiting from the cradle. Then, when the seasonal economy has become favorable again, here is the announcement of an El Niño ‘ Godzilla ‘; Although arrived, but, unlike the weather, did not pass and is not expected to exceed any records, if not consumed for ink comment. And no one would notice that El Niño, as his sister La Niña events are random, although cyclical swings of cold and heat on the boundless Equatorial Pacific Ocean waters that beat the rhythm of the tide of that portion of the world and, also, almost everything else on the planet. When there is El Niño, the otherwise arid areas of Central and South America, Western floods are at risk; When there is La Niña, their drought are accentuated and the maritime continent, Australia and Eastern India go under water, with impact on monsoon rains. So goes the climate, from a few million years. But no, now is the time, to heal, to escape or, if possible, to improve, maybe with a nice interplanetary agreement.

WMO, world body up on weather and climate, did you know that this El Niño will be among the most intense of the last 50 years, with illustrious precedents in unsuspected epochs, all right, but now there is climate change and go figure what will happen. What will happen, according to the forecast, is that even this event, as virtually all those that preceded it, will see its peak at Christmas or so (El Niño = child reads the story) then not fall into oblivion, without being released into the atmosphere enough heat to make yet another hot year 2015 between the warm years, with great naturalness but for use by those who want to treat the disease and is preparing to do so in the next December to Cop21 in Paris, with or without Godzilla.

Then the media will comment the misdeeds, experts raise their eyebrows exaggeratedly and everyone else will be there waiting for the pathology we all terms, because, basically, we deserve. All, ominously similar to other and more important facts that are putting at serious risk, those, the fate of the world as we know it. By the way, I wonder if in early December in Paris someone will think that the biggest problem we have is not the temperature …

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