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  1. Guido Botteri

    Some friends of mine have invited me to post comments and articles on their pages.
    If you have interesting articles in English I’ll be happy to post them

  2. Thanks for the notification, interesting numbers.

  3. Carlo Napolitano

    Sorry for the type
    It should read : MD PhD

  4. Carlo Napolitano MD OhD

    “Values up to 2.5 ° C below the average 1961-90 ……… at current values ​​of 2 ° C above the average”

    I do not fully agree with this statement. While the average temperature increase is overt, the range of such increase, as reported, is overestimated by taking two individual points (the highest and the lowest annual temperature).
    However following the same line of reasoning it is also possible to say that the temperature decreased from +1.5°C (1725) to +0.2/0.1°C in 2012.

    By looking at the annual averages, the largest difference is from (approximately) -1.4°C in 1703 to +1.2°C in 2014. So the actual average increase is 2.6°C and not 4.5°C.
    Given the very large intra-annual variability (standard deviation) the statistical value of annual average is, in my opinion, questionable (to say the least)

    Another methodological issue:
    Is the temperature data series normally distributed? If not, to report and use average to analyze the data is statistically incorrect

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